Jacqueline Nunley

Director, Industry Advisors for the Travel and Hospitality Sector, Sales Force

For over two decades, Jacqueline Nunley has been helping revolutionize the Travel & Hospitality industry and has dedicated her career to helping companies in transforming through innovative technology solutions. Currently, she serves as the Industry Advisor for Travel and Hospitality at Salesforce. With a passion for technology and a keen interest in understanding consumer behavior and the ethical use of technology, Jacqueline played a significant role in revolutionizing the Travel & Hospitality distribution marketplace during her tenure at Micros Systems (Oracle Hospitality) and Sabre Hospitality.

Leveraging her extensive technological expertise, industry knowledge, and ability to inspire, Jacqueline focuses on helping Travel & Hospitality brands establish more meaningful connections with their customers. When she's not revolutionizing the future through technology, Jacqueline enjoys traveling the world, supporting up-and-coming local artists, and ‘gently’ tending to bees in Austin, TX.