K.J. Hughes

K. J. Hughes, a pioneering entrepreneur with a career deeply rooted in service and hospitality, has woven a remarkable narrative of innovation and impact. His journey, spanning from nightclubs to becoming a trusted advisor to athletes and entertainers, has culminated in his latest endeavor, Manifest—a cultural oasis nestled in Washington, D.C.

From his experiences across the hospitality spectrum, K. J.'s profound insights have shaped his path. Manifest, an embodiment of his vision, seamlessly fuses the spirit of a barbershop and the comfort of a coffee shop with the convenience of a retail boutique. K. J. understands that beyond appearances, feeling good is pivotal.

Manifest's allure deepens with its hidden gem—a speakeasy offering meticulously crafted cocktails. K. J. 's appreciation for hospitality's transformative role comes to life here, offering an experience that resonates with everyone. His dedication to inclusivity radiates throughout Manifest, a space designed to inspire and unite.

K. J.'s journey from his early days in the service industry to his current role as an entrepreneurial visionary has been marked by his ability to see potential where others might not. With Manifest, he has redefined what it means to create an immersive and inclusive space, proving that hospitality is not just an industry—it's a philosophy that has the power to shape lives and build bridges.